May 3, 2015

Edit : how curios are you about your age?

How old net

Currently there is trend about guess  the age of someone by website. This  Microsoft website is trying to guess your age by picture that uploaded to their web.

Website called how-old is only the way it works. After visiting the site, accessor asked to upload a picture of yourself or anyone else who wants to guess how old he is, and also gender. In a time fast enough, the results straight out.

If the age estimation that appeared older than they really are, no need to be disappointed. The access can try again with a different photo and possibility, the result would be different.

"Sorry if we have not been very precise in guessing the sex and age. We are still developing this feature," the statement on the website.

Many people are busy to try and then share the results on social networks. According to Microsoft, the system in this website analyze 27 points on someone's face. For instance pupils or nose change as you age.
My friend also try this web and said his age is 39 although his actual age is  21. I think this web is just for fun since they still cannot make 100 percent decided the age and the sex and lately this  trend come in to our social media and give us some entertainment.

"The sign is predicted using statistical algorithms, and may not be 100% accurate," Microsoft added. Indeed, for the moment, the website was apparently just for the fun just because of its accuracy could be said not maximized.

You should try it too for fun. Sometime you get the different result based on picture. I mean when you give your “best” picture the result will give you the younger age and reverse. You can access it in try it

Apr 27, 2015


Another 'war' between Android and Apple?

Android pissing apple on google maps

On last Sunday, there is a news. A big news. This news is about android and apple. Yeah, I knew they always in ‘war’, but on that Sunday there was someone that made a picture of android pissing on apple.

"We apologize for any improper content that has been created by one of the users. We will work as quickly as possible to remove it. Learning from experience, we will improve how we detect, prevent, and about bad edits," said a spokesman for Google, Mara Harris told the Washington Post.

But, that picture has deleted now. That picture was on coordinate  N 33°30’52.5″ E 73°03’33.2 in google maps. I know you must be curious who made this pic right? The picture turned out to be the act of an ignorant Netizen named Nitricboy account by using Map Maker. Through the Map Maker application that was, Nitricboy necessarily make the images as if Google has vilify Apple. 

This is not the first time Google Maps is used for things that are ignorant. Previously, the application maps downloaded by millions of people from all over the world it is used by a person to put a store location snowboarding in the location of the establishment of the White House, United States.

Store with the name Snow Den Edwards was named after the former NSA contractor who oppose government surveillance program, Edward Snowden.

Apr 21, 2015


Prey Project : Protect your devices from theft

Just as i promise before, now i will tell you about Prey app. Do you have ever heard of this app? Or did you forget? Fine, i will tell you. Prey is app that can find your device. Not even tracking your device but it can take your pic from your webcam and take screenshot. I think do you still don't understand right? Ok, let's say you lost your device such as smartphone or laptop and you want to track down where is it, right? Prey can find your As much as like Google 'Find my phone' but with more features.
And how this app work? Basically you install a tiny agent on your laptop, tablet or phone, which silently waits for a remote signal to wake up and work its magic. This signal is sent from our hosted web service whenever you wish to gather information or trigger an action, like locking down the device. That’s pretty much it.

But not like Google ‘find my phone’ As long as you don’t send the activation signal to your PC or phone, Prey will sleep calmly without doing a thing. And when you do, it will only gather the information you request and send it. Not a bit of data is gathered without your consent.
Great isn’t it? So, I will now tell you how to use this amazing app.

For using this app you should register first at if you don’t have any  account in Prey Project.

After that you can download the app here

Installed the app. It is up to you where do you want to use this app. Do you want to use it in Windows, Mac OS X or even Android? They give you the installer. OK, fine I will give you the tutorial too how to install this prey. Nope, just kidding :p

You can find in read it yourself dude...

And after all the step you do, now you can explore the feature by yourself and you will amazed like I  did. 

Oh, forgot to mention that this app is FREE for 3 device. I mean you can register up to 3 device of your’s. If you want to register more than 3 device of your’s you should pay. You can find the detail in 

Thanks for reading this article

Apr 19, 2015


Now Google could 'find my phone'

I don’t know that I should happy or scared or even amazed. I shared you this news because I want to know your opinion about this google feature. Yeah, like I said in the title. Now Google could help you find your smartphone. Google used our e-mail account that synchronize with our smartphone specially android. They even could send a command to ring your phone. WOW, I am amazed with this feature though. But, can you imagine what will Google find out more about your smartphone? That’s why I am a little scared. Google could trace our smartphone, BUT Google can do this if we TURN OFF OUR SMARTPHONE GPS. Yes, dude. GPS. Without this, they can’t even trace your smartphone. I tried it with my smartphone.

Here is the video that show how Google ‘Find my phone’ work

See? What I’ve told you. They could trace your smartphone. There are so many apps in play store too that have ability to find our smartphone. Like, prey or something.  But, it back to you guys, what will you used when your phone is gone suddenly. I will share about prey later. Because I think this app is amazing to if you want to spy your BF/GF. LOL.

Ok, now let’s see what the next Google service. Oh yeah, I am almost forgot. Google give us manual to operate this feature. I think you could  find in Google support at ‘managing your account’ section ‘Google Settings (android)’. You will know more about this feature. Thanks for spare your time to read this article.

Apr 14, 2015


StickNFind - you won't lose it anymore

Have you ever lost something and it make you frustrated because you cannot find it? Me too. But nowadays there is an technology that will make you easier to track something. This technology called StickNFind. What do you mean? I need to stick what? Yeah, the named itself is refer to the device that will help you to track something. This device is like sticker and has function as GPS. StickNFind is a worldwide leader in Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology that designs, develops, and manufactures consumer and enterprise beacons and software solutions worldwide. We are experts in Bluetooth low energy (BLE) designs and specialize in very small Bluetooth beacons and location devices that enable people and enterprises to track, monitor, and interact with items in a simple and confident way. StickNFind was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Now. How can this thing can help you to track something. Watch this video below.

Now, you understand right? What you need to keep your things is this sticker and your smartphone (iPhone 4S and above, iPad 3 and above (including iPad Mini and iPad Air), The New iPod Touch (5th generation and above), Samsung Galaxy S3 and above, Samsung Note II and above, and any device running Android 4.3 & 4.4.) as radar. You can get this device around $50 If I am not wrong. Why not free? Dude, we must appreciate them isn’t it? It is very helpful device. You could track your thing easily and didn’t get frustrated again.  You can find the detail in

Apr 12, 2015


Rock 'n Roll time (Jakarta Toys fair)


Don't use your Gedget too much

Nowadays we can’t live without our gadget, every hours, every minutes, even every seconds we check our gadget. But you should now, that’s not good for your health . Yeah, I know that hard for us to leaving our gadget. Even there was challenge in internet that you will got money for living without gadget in several month. Well, here is the impact that you will get if you used gadget too much.

1. Insomnia
Not a few people who are willing to wake up in the night to just open the incoming messages or incoming notification of his gadgets. But you know, open habit gadgets at night indirectly disturb your sleep cycle. Bright light emanating from the gadget or smartphone that you have enabled, can suppress the release of hormones that serve the sleep process of melantonin hormone produced by the body when the dark or without light. And without realizing it, the light emitted will keep your mind to enter the 'default mode network', which is a state of delirium.
People with insomnia have a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and hypertension, in the chronic phase, insomnia can be harmful to the cause of death for the sufferer. Just before it's too late, insomnia due to the excessive use of gadgets that can actually be prevented by stopping the use of gadgets for approximately 2 hours before bed time to lessen the effects of the discharge light can suppress the production of the hormone melantonin.

2. Nomophobia
Nomophobia or extension of the 'no-mobile-phone-phobia, which is a condition where excess body will feel anxious when separated from the gadget or smartphone. A study reveals that approximately 66% of people who are addicted to gadgets experiencing phobia this one. Signs and symptoms that appear on the patient in the form of anxiety, sweating, trembling, separated from the gadget.

3. Scrotal Hyperthermia
Things like this should be wary, especially for those of you who frequently operate a laptop on his thighs. Due to put the laptop on the thighs, able to increase the temperature of the surrounding be six times higher. As for the men, this condition will make the vital organs become warmer and make sperm production to decrease.

4. Texting tumb
The use of fingers and hands on the gadget in a long time or long-term, regularly and consistently can injure reservoir, nerves and muscles. Generally thumb injury this section referred to as the Blackberry Thumb, while injuries to the hand called the iPad Hand. In addition, a more severe type of injury that may be experienced are numbness, muscle damage, pain, and require surgery for treatment.